Here's to Wine Month!
Let's all celebrate!
Wine Labels
When I was working at a winery before, I learned so much about the importance of design for wine labels. It was really fun, interesting, and also very eye opening. Here is a great article on the topic.
College Rules Wine!
A few nights ago I tried the Fresno State Winery's Merlot, sold @ the wonderful Trader Joe's. It was delish and all proceeds went to support Fresno State's Ag program. What a fabulous idea! More wine-friendly colleges should jump on this, like UC Davis and Sonoma State. Go try a bottle tonight!
Bar Speak
A cool article, very good to know!
Word is spreading!
Check out our recent article!
Sideways Quiz!
I know many in the wine industry think that the movie “Sideways” is just poorly made joke of a film, which simply proselytizes Pinot Noir, but I cannot help but love it! I think it is genuinely funny, and its subtle digs at the snobbiness of the wine industry are really amusing. Plus, the fact that the movie affected the sales of Pinot and Merlot is astounding!

So, in honor of one of my favorite movies, here is the Ultimate Sideways Quiz! I got a 10/10 on the easy version (it is really easy), but the more difficult one is really tough! I only scored a 6/10. Regardless, they are both fun! Post your scores! Good luck!
The Secret of Shiraz
If you are a Shiraz lover like me, you will find this very interesting,,25197,22169490-30417,00.html.

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