Back at it!
Hi all! Happy New Year! Sorry for the long delay in writing, but production on our latest projects here in Zan Media, as well as an extremely hectic semester of MBA work, kept me away much too long. Won't happen again!

I was lucky enough to get a chance to guest blog for the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur site. Below I am posting the blog, as well as the link to it here:
It is a great site, be sure to check it out.

Also, I was lucky enough to visit the tasting room for Galante Vineyards in Carmel. I highly recommend the 2005 Pinot, yummy!



FROM TPE website:

Long thought of as stuffy and pretentious, in the past few years the wine industry has become extremely “cool,” due to the help of the millennial generation. We 21-30 year olds have helped increase sales and consumption of wine, both domestically and overseas. There are 100 million of us and we have $172 billion of buying power and we aren’t afraid to use it. And, we love our wine!
Having graduated from the Wine Business Program at Sonoma State University, located smack in the middle of California wine country, I have seen this “vino-fete” first hand. Wine Business classes were great– we would have discussions about the marketing of wine, various varietals, the impact of European wines on the U.S. market, etc. We took field trips to wineries and even had in-class wine tastings. (Someone had to do it!)
Most of my peers in this region, regardless of college major or career, are very “into” wine. Fraternities throw wine and cheese parties as an alternative to keggers, and we often go to wine tastings instead of local bars. Many of my friends work in the wine industry as well. Right now I have a friend who is a “cellar rat” (the winery term for a lab technician), one who works in a tasting room and another who is the wine buyer for a restaurant. I’ve worked in marketing for one winery and in special events for another.
I am currently the Associate Producer of my family’s film and video production company. Last year we produced a documentary on the California wine industry called “A State of Vine.” In it we interviewed the revered Fred Franzia, father of Two Buck Chuck, who told us that he gets letters all the time about the “Chuck Shaw” parties millennials throw, and talked about the increase in sales figures attributed to millennials. We love all sorts of wines, not just the “cheap” stuff - our average per bottle price point being $10-15. We are ga-ga for Australian shirazs, (known as syrah in the US), as well as wines from Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand. Thirty two percent of the wines we buy are imports. We are a well-traveled wine lot!
The point of all this? Millenials must be marketed to and not ignored! We are prime targets for advertising campaigns – we watch TV, text message, have Facebook and MySpace accounts. We are extremely social, and tell our peers about the newest products and services. We have power in our pocketbooks! When marketers are looking to advertise their company/goods/services, they need to think outside the box, think a bit more fun and vibrant-think about us. So think about a nice Pinot Grigio the next time you need some marketing inspiration-young and fresh. Cheers!

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